Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hang Me Out To Dry

Lately we've been making a few household investments. I'm working on a slipcover for our (horrendously cat-scratched) couch, DH finally fixed the ceiling fan light in the living room, and we bought a portable clothes line.

We're always looking for ways to be more "green", and, hey, we're cheap frugal, so the idea of not paying to run the dryer is very appealing. However, we're also renters and sort of lazy, so digging holes, mixing concrete, and installing big poles when we'll eventually move away anyway was probably out. Then one day I stumbled up these umbrella-style drying racks. Our dilemma is solved.

For the time being we've set it up in the laundry room. I gave it a trial run over the weekend and it holds a full load of laundry quite well. Once it's a little less snowy outside we'll put it to the test outdoors. I think one of these would work great for apartment and condo dwellers with a patio!