Friday, February 27, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

We've been doing some thinking about the rehearsal dinner lately. At one point we'd considered having it catered at our house, with a tent in the backyard. After some thought, however, that idea became somewhat overwhelming. So, we went back to our very first idea: Duckpin Bowling!

There's this great little place in our neighborhood (yea for supporting local business!) that has duckpin bowling. They offer some party packages and catering and we think this could be the perfect, relaxing, fun event we'd love to kick off the wedding weekend. Plus it gives me an excellent excuse to wear a cute little rockabilly dress! More to come on the rehearsal dinner later.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We decided to celebrate our engaged Valentine's by making homemade sushi and watching a couple of movies. The meal was quite a success and not all that difficult to prepare. We picked up the supplies at our local grocery store: avocado, carrot, cucumber, green onions, imitation crab, Nori (the seaweed wrapper), rice vinegar, and wasabi (powdered, dried horseradish). We already had rice, soy sauce, and the bamboo rolling mat at home. I can't believe how yummy it was and can't wait to try it again sometime soon. Maybe next time we'll even spring for some smoked salmon since we now have several of the basic ingredients on-hand.

Wishing you all a day well-spent with those you care for most!

Friday, February 13, 2009

T-minus 4 months

Wow. 4 months to go. Seems like no time at all, really. For the first time I'm starting to look forward to the wedding being over. Still looking forward to the day itself, but it's amazing how wedding stuff fills up all the little corners in one's mind and of one's time.

I had the funniest wedding dream the other night: it was the wedding day, I was walking in to the venue with my mom (though it wasn't our real venue, just some place I thought was the venue in my dream), it was almost time to walk down the aisle, and I thought, oh wait, I'm going to run to the restroom real quick before it starts. So, I walk in to the restroom, silently patting myself on the back for choosing a dress I can hold up to pee in by myself (that detail is true to life!! very important to me), and stop to look in the mirror, where I see that my hairdo is falling down all over the place. I lean in for a closer look but, lo and behold, someone has left a lidless cup of Coca-cola on the counter. In a public restroom. Indeed. I don't see it in time and it spills all over the front of my dress. All these women who I don't even know are flocking around me and freaking out but I'm totally calm, saying "oh, just blot it with some toilet paper" because I don't want to seem like a Bridezilla. I ask one of them for some lipstick, because, in addition to my hair being a mess I have apparently forgotten to put on any make-up at all. A kind soul hands me her make-up bag and I proceed to do the worst job ever of applying eyeliner so I end up looking like I have a black eye. I persuade 2 other women to try to fix my hair and they bobbypin it into some sort of semblance of style. Then I rush out of the bathroom to make my entrance, only to discover we never made a music playlist so I make my entrace to a completely random song.

The amazing thing: the whole time these "crises" are happening my single concern, the absolute one and only thing I am upset about, is that, because I am running so late, FH thinks I'm having second thoughts. I am disraught at the idea of him being sad or anxious and just want to get to him so we can start our life together.

This is the most reassuring nightmare I've ever had.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just a little taste

Yesterday FH and I went to a tasting at the caterer's ... an "Open Kitchen" if you like. There we sampled a wide variety of items offered by MBP, including several items on our current proposed menu. I am so excited to say that everything was absolutely delicious. Everything was so fresh and high quality. The sliced beef was great and the mashtini bar is sure to be a hit! (Unfortunatly the photo I took of FH eating the aforementioned mashtini didn't save to my phone so you will have to use your imagination.) I think we left feeling reassured that we'd made a good choice of caterer. Also, we won a door prize of chocolate covered strawberries to be served with our wedding cake. Mmmm, chocolate covered strawberries.

Speaking of cake, we had another tasting last weekend at Rene's Bakery in the Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indy. We sampled three different kinds of cake: vanilla, chocolate, and lemon. I am not usually a lemon person but this cake was to die for. They use real lemon instead of artificial flavoring and it make all the difference in the world. I'm not sure that we're going to use Rene's for the wedding cake but I certainly look forward to eating more of their delicious baked goods in the future. (They make these incredible ginger molasass cookies, the thought of which makes me drool!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

This is entertaining...


I hope the Dessy wedding police don't come after me for having mis-matched attendants! And the part about "every little girls dreams of growing up to be a bride" kinda makes me want to puke. But I do like the idea that the bridesmaids guard the door the day of the wedding and don't let the groom see the bride until he passes their test by answering questions ... hmm ...