Friday, January 2, 2009


After a few frustrating rounds with our poor, old, cheap little HP printer FH and I realized we would need to invest in a new printing device if we intended to print our own invitations on the great recycled cardstock we purchased. Determined to get a bargain, I've been scouring Craigslist for the last few days and today came upon a fabulous deal!
We are now the proud owners of a Epson CX7450 mulit-function device. It has a scanner, card-reader, and most importantly a printer that feeds paper from back to front (so it doesn't have to wind around inside and get stuck every frickin' time you try to print on cardstock!! $@%#@%!!!!!!) While it's still a little fussy with the paper (okay, it is very heavy paper), with a little prompting it prints great, lines up the double-sided printing perfectly, and is my new favorite electronic device. Sorry mp3 player, you're second for the day ...

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Anonymous said...

i hate all electronic stuff, good for you that you have the patience let alone the know how.....did this make your day????haha