Friday, April 3, 2009

Invitation Eve

Tomorrow we send out the invitations! While we decided long ago on sending them out 10 weeks before the wedding (to allow plenty of time for all the oot guests to make arrangements), all week long I've been bugging FH about them.

Monday: Can't we just send them out tomorrow??
Tuesday: But I'll have time to go to the post office on lunch Wednesday! What about Wednesday?
Wednesday: Oh, come on, it's been a long week, sending them on Thursday would just make my day!! Besides, then people will get them at ten weeks.
Thursday: Fine! I can wait until Saturday.

Okay people, keep an eye on your mailboxes. I promise from this point on the blog will contain more actual information, like details on parking, hotels, and all that jazz. And please, please prevent my head from exploding by sending your rsvp postcards back in an expedient manner! :P


Anonymous said...

WHAT????? who is stalling?

Jen said...

I don't know that FH was so much stalling as I am impatient ... patience is a virtue at which I need more practice sometimes!