Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spotlight Interview Project

I've outlined this for many of you already in an email but one of the projects I hope to accomplish with this blog is a series of "Spotlight" posts about each of our immediate family members and the members of the wedding party. I think this will be a nice way for everyone to learn a few things about each other, especially since we're scattered all over the country and many of you have not met (and probably won't meet until next summer).

I'd like to post a photo with each profile if everyone is okay with that, just to help put names with faces. If you have concerns about posting your photo online (or a photo of your children) please let me know.

Also, the blog is currently a public blog, meaning anyone can access it. (Not that I think there's going to be much traffic from total strangers.) If people are uncomfortable with this I do have the ability to make it a "members only" blog. However, this will complicate things when we get to the invite stage and want to post things like directions, etc.

I'll probably begin the spotlight posts once we get moved. I'll contact you by email to get a little info before your turn and will be sure to let you proofread your post before going live with it.

Feel free to leave comments with your feedback.


Mom-el said...

Cool! Your flair for this technology is keeping me on my toes and I'm grateful. You have a great story going, you two, and I'm eager to keep track via this blog! Enjoy your move!
With hug to share! Mom-el

Dorothy said...

The spotlight project is a great idea! You do good work, Jen Owen