Monday, September 1, 2008

Book recommendation: The DIY Bride

Today FH and I were out doing a little window shopping. We stopped at Michael's Craft store since I had a 50% off one item coupon and was thinking I'd like to pick up a vase to practice the centerpiece design I'd been considering. While I stood pondering the differences between two vases for like 20 minutes Bill wandered off and happened upon this book that I think is FABULOUS.

The DIY Bride, by Khris Cochran. 40 projects, complete with step by step instructions AND directions on how to delegate tasks if you have helpers. Now, I am usually quite critical of DIY books. I have a very creative job and it takes a lot for me to find a project in a book to be unique or inspired. I can sucessfully say we plan to steal AT LEAST 2 or 3 ideas from this book (including my, i mean OUR, new centerpiece design, which is much more low-maintainance than a floral arrangement.) And I love that it helps people who don't normally tackle creative projects break things down into mangeable bites for multiple people.

My fave: the wedding time capsule! Next to the guest book you have some little slips of paper, 4 choices in different colors to signify different lengths of time. Guests choose whether they'd like to write something that will be read in 1, 5, 15, or 25 years and then write a prediction/happy wish/message for the couple to read at the appropriate time. Just reading the idea made me tear up! Omg, I spend a lot of time tearing up lately. sigh.

In any case, we liked the book enough to actually buy it (albeit with a 50% off coupon), instead of trying to find it at the library, which for us is a ringing endorsement! I highly recommend it for any bride-to-be.


Anonymous said...

I thought you were writing on the 1st about Bill's dad's birthday......sounds like you got a great book,,,,,and,,,ak loves the picture of the two of you, thanx.......

Mom said...

the book sounds great, and the idea of the writings sounds really neat. Victoria told me today that as her job she wanted to help with the book that people sign in on. her words. I told her i would let you know and see what you thought.
nice picture

Jen said...

We would love to have Victoria help with the guest book! I had that very task in mind for her, in fact.