Friday, August 22, 2008

Blown Away

We've booked our photographer! Hooray!

We met last night with Scott of Scott C Photography in his home/studio about 45 minutes outside Indianapolis. He has a wonderful meeting room there with lots of great sample prints on the walls and several albums of his work to look through. We love his photojournalistic, artistic style and really felt like we clicked. (He totally got what we were saying when I told him what we want in a wedding photographer is someone who will "make us look cool!") And while it might just be that he's a good businessman, we left feeling like he will be just as excited as we are to be at our wedding because it seems like it will be a fun event. I think "elation" best describes how we both felt on the drive home ... it was just so clear that this is the right choice for us.

Anyway, I encourage all of you to go check out his site at


Michelle said...

Great choice - glad you decided to go with him!

Anonymous said...

The photos on the website are amazing! I think he'll do great especially with your creativity, you'll make sure he captures it all for you :)


Just an old Aunt said...

Ya know,,,,I just caught up with all this FUN news, I envy your adventure with all the amazing turns and twists with your new life and with "fh",,,I don't believe there was a pic of him, come to think of it, none of you either.(did I miss something?) I could say, who are you, haha,,,,,your sister sure looks like you, wow. You keep having fun and my favorite saying, Make those memories!!!! Love, Aunt K