Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We want your photos!

The lovely wedding photos you've seen on the blog so far are courtesy of some of our guests who have uploaded their photos to the wedding Flickr account. If you have photos you'd like to submit, here's a little reminder of the instructions.

Download the pictures from your camera to your computer.

Go to www.flickr.com.

Sign in using the username and password on the reception card (if you didn't take/misplaced the card, please email me or leave a comment here and I'll get you that info ... I'd rather not publish it on the internet for all to see.)

Click on "upload photos".

Select the files from your computer and hit go!

The final step is to move your uploaded photos to the "Guests' Wedding Photos" set. (However, I can do that part too. The biggest thing is just getting them uploaded.)

Thanks to those who have uploaded their pics already, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for photos as Bill and I obviously didn't take any ourselves!

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