Friday, July 10, 2009

Like Music to Our Ears

I've had a few people ask about or comment on our music choices for the ceremony and thought I'd post a little about it.

The playlists for all parts of the day were DH's big wedding task and I think he did an amazing job! (Including a great job of deflecting my control-freak tendencies ... "this is your task ... but I want it this way! when will it be done? ... but it's your task, really ...")

For the processional of the grandparents, parents, and bridesmaids we used the song Little Martha by the Allman Brothers Band. We liked that it was a slightly upbeat instrumental piece as we didn't want the processional to get bogged down. It also set a nice tone for the ceremony and the day as a whole. Plus it was easy to loop so we could let it play as long as necessary.

The second processional piece for my dad's and my entrance was Johnny Cash's version of the David Allan Coe song Would You Lay With Me (In a Field of Stone). The words of this song are a request for a solemn vow and it really spoke to what DH and I feel a wedding is all about. (After all, I've already asked him to "go away to a far off land" with me and he accepted.)

We wanted the recessional to set the tone for the recession to follow so we went with Joey Ramone's version of Wonderful World. It's a song everyone knows in a style that really kicks off the party! This choice was also a little homage to Dorothy and her husband John (who introduced me to this song many years ago in Texas) who were unable to attend our nuptuals due to the imminent birth of their first child, Jackson, who arrived on June 22. Congrats!!

Stay tuned for more recaps and updates on married life!


Anonymous said...

ok, i have been able to keep up until now,,,,,DH?

Jen said...

DH = Dear Husband ... upgraded from FH. :)

Anonymous said...

how cool,and endearing..... thanx