Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spotlight Interview: Dorothy

Now for our third Spotlight Interview. This will complete the bridal attendants so wake up guys, you're on deck!

Name: Dorothy

Role/Relationship: Bridesmaid;
Jen's friend and Partner-in-Crime

Location: Houston, TX

Profession: Eight Grade English Teacher

What Dorothy has to say: I was born in New York, but grew up in Texas. I love to draw and garden -- getting my hands dirty is a good thing. I have three cats and a dog, and my latest favorite accomplishment is training my dog to sit and stay for 20 seconds. He's rambunctious, so this is a HUGE accomplishment.

What Jen has to say: Dorothy and I met when we both signed up for a beer-league soccer team. Somehow we always ended up on opposite sides during team practice ... we'd go for the ball at the same time and (seeing as I outweigh her by about 40 pound) Dorothy spent a LOT of time getting knocked to the ground. Our team was awful (we lost every game and only scored one goal all season) but we got free beer, had great fun, and started a wonderful friendship!

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