Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting back to the Who

And now, the return of our spotlight interview posts!! For a look back at the previous spotlight posts click on the "Who" tag in the right column.

Name: Bob

Role/Relationship: Best Man/ Brother

Location: Nashville,TN

Profession: Musician; Residential Lighting and Fine Hardware Sales

What Bob has to say:I'm constantly amazed at the visual and auditory wonderments of this world. I absolutely love the IC's, eg. music, mathematics, physics, electrics...U C? Moved to Nashville in Oct. 1999 and now consider it home. I've had the opportunity to perform and work with a long list of incredible, sometimes legendary artists from around the globe for which I will be forever thankful. I very much look forward to meeting all of you who will share this occasion with Bill and Jen.

What Bill has to say: One of my favorite memories of my kid brother has to be traveling to see his band, Ceili Rain, play the World Peace Festival in Amenia, New York and then following them to the Hunter Mountain International Celtic Festival. I'm really proud of Bob's musical accomplishments and am happy to hear he's keeping at it!


Anonymous said...

ak wants to know if bob wiggles that sparkly nose,,,,,does he get everything he wants?????? my bet is that he does.....cute guy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He loved it when Nicole Kidman winked at him------ yeah, he did.