Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Seeing as all our guests (other than, say, 10 or so people who we might meet over the course of the next year) will be traveling from out of town I decided it was about time I started looking in to lodging. Here's what I've come up with ... I'd love a little feedback from the family and friends who might be reading this.

1) The Embassy Suites - This hotel is literally right next door to the theatre. (Nice because if for some reason it rains on the wedding day I could get to the theatre without ever going outside ... and if I get a run in my pantyhose it's also attached to the mall!) They have offered a group rate of $149 per night for single suites and $159 per night for double suites. All of their rooms are suites so a single holds up to 4 people and a double up to 6. Parking in the attached garage is $20/night (steep, I know ... it is downtown though). Convenient location, very condusive to sharing rooms. We'll likely block 10 rooms here to start (the most we could block without a financial guarantee). This is likely where I will stay the night before the wedding and where we'll stay the night after. (Edited to add: this hotel does include breakfast.)

2) The Hilton Garden Inn - Just a few block away from the theatre on Monument Circle. Definitely walkable. They've offered a group rate of $129 for singles and doubles (so, up to 4 guests per room). Parking here is $14 for self-parking, $22 for valet per night. Still a nice hotel, still downtown, a little less expensive. There's no financial obligation on our part to block rooms here, still undecided whether we need this option.

3) The Candlewood Suites- This hotels is about 2 1/2 miles from the theatre. It's where our out-of-town actors and designers stay for the theatre so we should be able to get the super-awesome rate of $79 per night. Parking here is free. Also, the theatre's company manager tells Candlewood has negotiated a flat rate for taxi's from the hotel to downtown of $5. The return trip will run you $12 (but it's still less than overnight parking.) Rooms here are also all suites and include kitchenettes, which could be great for any family who might come in a few days early. I actually stayed here when I came to Indianapolis last spring for my interview, it's clean and comfortable, though there's not really anything else nearby. I think it's pretty certain we'll offer this option, though arrangements may be a little more complicated because I'll probably need to book each room through the company manager who happens to be having a baby in April.

We are, of course, total urban-ites and would love it if everyone chose to stay downtown ... however, we realize that offering a more economical option will make it a lot easier for folks to share in our celebration. Any thoughts? Please comment with your responses.

(Also, if people are interested in room sharing we're happy to help facilitate. Get in touch with us once the email Save-the-Dates go out ... hopefully soon!)


Anonymous said...

I imagine that your guests will probably stay at more than one hotel? I think if you can get Candlewood Suites that would definitely help in the financial areas of some people (especially those as you mentioned may stay a few days) but the convience of the Embassey Suites proves very suitable for those in the party. Maybe reserving a block at each one would prove beneficial as I'm sure many people will be staying over at least one night. That's my thoughts, although I don't think I gave anything new that reiterating what you said. Oh, well it's looking great. I'm getting excited (it's not even my wedding and a still months away). :)
Love, Tiffany

Jen said...

Thanks for chiming in! I love comments.

Yes, we do plan to reserve blocks at more than one place. I think the big question is, do we need the middle option of the Hilton Garden Inn? Embassy and Candlewood are almost definitely in at this point ... The Garden Inn rate proposal is about $50 less than their standard best available rate so it's still likely to be a good price for those interested in staying downtown. But is it really a significant enough difference from Embassy to be worth it?

Anonymous said...

I think since you made aware this option, people who prefer it can book their own, if they want it. Otherwise I would just go with Candlewood and Embassy.


Jen said...

Unfortunately, without the group rate Hilton Garden Inn is $179 a night ... a big difference! Between the rate difference and parking one stands to save about $25 a night by staying at the Hilton Garden Inn vs. Embassy Suites (if you're not sharing a room with another person/couple.) Is that option going to encourage any other people to stay downtown who might not have otherwise?

TheBride2B said...

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