Sunday, October 26, 2008

Status: Complete

I am pleased to announce that the Great Vase Race of 2008 has reached its end!

We are now the proud owners of many cylinder vases, enough for centerpieces in the main lobby dining area (depending on RSVP numbers I expect 16-19 tables), the 8 cocktail tables on the mezzanine where the cocktail hour will be held, and a few others for the guest book table, bar, etc. I got at least 40% off each vase, dutifully visiting Michael's with my coupons, and my efforts were capped off with an unexpected windfall: last weekend we visited Buffalo for a friend's wedding and it turns out that FSMIL (that's future step-mother-in-law) had 8 or so cylinder vases left from FSSIL's wedding a few years ago. (future step-sister-in-law ... omg, I <3 acronyms, hahaha.)

Two of the vases were the same size as the rest we'd bought, six are about 2 inches taller but the same diameter. I figure 2/3 one size and 1/3 the other is an aesthetically pleasing proportion so I declare vases checked off the list. Yea!


Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to use them! Also glad to be the FFSIL!!!


Anonymous said...

I mean FSSIL - that is a tough one!