Friday, August 28, 2009

Craft Store Withdrawal

A little-known side effect of marriage is apparently craft store withdrawal ...

Most people probably don't have a job where they frequent places such as JoAnn Crafts, Michaels, and the wholesale floral supplier, but I do. (Also, how many of you have a "favorite fabric" you visit once a week but never buy because you can't imagine what you'd do with it that would make it worth spending the money? Guilty!) And now, every time I go in I find myself wandering through the aisles, thinking of all the lovely invitations and decorations and bouquets I would make with such beautiful materials. Sigh. I really am pathetic.

But, I guess before I feel too sorry for myself I should remember the 4 bins of yarn under the bed, the storage rack full of fabric, and the various other art supplies scattered throughout the house that I could do something with if I weren't so lazy! Vive la weekend!

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