Saturday, August 15, 2009

"So How's Married Life?"

Married life is good. Fine. Not all that different from shacking up life, I like to say! I think that running a household together for almost two years made for a pretty simple transition. Now that the wedding is well in the past it's just back to the day-to-day grind.

Which leaves us with a question: what is the future of this blog? Not much else to be said about the wedding, really, unless anyone has a few more burning questions. The blog turned out to be more of a personal planning journal and a way to share information with family and friends, so I can't imagine I have any sort of "public" audience using this as a wedding planning resource. I suppose I could re-name it "Owen-Harmon Life" and regale you all with tales of our adventures ... unfortunately our life is pretty boring right now. I work. Bill looks for work. We cooks, we clean (though never enough), we laugh at our ridiculous and adorable cats. Together we ponder our next move, more often than not we feel discouraged. (Welcome to the real world, right? Yeah, I get it, life can be discouraging at times ... but who, during such times, doesn't hope/wish/long for slightly less discouraging days?)

So, I guess the answer is "stay tuned, maybe I'll come up with a good reason to keep posting here!" And, you can always stop by my other blog, Knitjenious, to see what craftiness I'm up to. Now that I've said that, I better go update it! Eeep!

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