Thursday, November 6, 2008

I fought the hair and the hair won ...

I've started doing a little research about hair and make-up for the wedding. It's a long way off but hey, I know that a Saturday in June is probably going to be a busy day for weddings and I want to be prepared.

I think getting my hair done was one of the things I was really sort of excited about when we started planning a wedding. Then I started realizing how much getting one's hair done costs and I freaked out a little. I considered trying to do my hair myself and attempted a little trial run yesterday ... yeah, not so much. FH came home to me standing in the middle of the bathroom with my curling iron swearing I was going to shave my head. Also, I have very fine hair and worry that even a simple style will not last if I try to do it myself.

Anyway, I have come to terms with the idea of paying a professional to make me look fabulous (probably a good idea since we're paying another professional to take hundreds of photos of us all day.) I will likely go with someone who will come to the hotel where we get ready that day since we plan to start photos at 10 am and none of the salons downtown even open until 9.

A few styles I like (all photos courtesy of Project Wedding):


Michelle said...

They are all great, but I LOVE the first one and the third one!

Anonymous said...

I second that motion!


Anonymous said...

I would vote for either 1 or 2 - chances are your hair will still look great at the end of the night if it is styled up and had less chances to be bumped, wind blown and danced into a frizzy frenzy! Love the styles - wish I would have seen these for my wedding ages ago!