Friday, May 29, 2009

Downtown Dining: Breakfast Edition

It's Saturday morning, June 13, 9 am. You awake in Indy, hungry, and venture out into the city in search of sustainance. Where to go?

My very first recommendation is Patachou on the Park. Located on the SW corner of Capitol and Washington, this member of the Cafe Patachou family serves up amazing omelets, groovy granola, and cup after cup of delightful coffee. They use a lot of locally grown ingredients and everything is always so simply fresh. Patachou is open from 7 am-3pm weekdays, and 8am-2pm weekends.

If a bagel is more your style, try Einstein Brothers at 47 South Illinois Street, between Washington and Maryland on the east side of the street. Open weekdays from 5:30am-4pm, Saturdays 6am-4pm, Sundays 6am-3pm. But if you want a bagel on Sunday morning just come to our house!

For those who can't resist the 'buck, the closest downtown Starbucks is located on the east side of Monument Circle (the intersection of Market and Meridian streets, 2 blocks east and 1 block north of the theatre.)

Have a donut craving? There's a Dunkin Donuts on the corner of Washington and Pennsylvania, about 3 blocks from the theatre. Convenience a concern? The Circle Center Mall, connected to the Embassy Suites/Indiana Repertory Theatre has the standard food court fare. Breakfast-y offerings include Cinnabon, and who knows what else ... does Chick-fil-a have breakfast?

Hopefully this post gave you a few ideas of where to forrage for food during your stay. And, as always, you can find more choices of restaurants at

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