Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thinking outside the block ...

Most of you are aware of our hotel block options (if not, look to your left, they're right there!), and there are plenty of rooms left in all the blocks at the moment, but for those of you who might be looking for other lodging options let me suggest Hotwire.

Now, Hotwire is a bit of a travel gamble because you don't get to see the actual name of the hotel you've booked until you've already paid for it. This, however, is why you can get such a great deal on a really nice room. For example, a quick search this morning for rooms in downtown Indy for June 12-13 brought up a 4-star hotel for $75/night. There are only four 4-star hotels in downtown (the Canterbury, the Conrad, the Marriott, and the Omni) so you can be certain it's one of those. I'm sure the regular room rate for these hotels is more like $175-$200 a night so talk about a steal!

If you decide to use Hotwire I would suggest limiting your search area to Downtown Indianapolis and also employing the "3-star and up" filter (so you don't end up in the totally sketchy Days Inn downtown, it's pretty bad.) I have personally used Hotwire for hotel rooms in the past and it's always worked out great!

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