Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shower recap!

Last weekend I attended my bridal shower, hosted by my aunts at the home of my Aunt Ruth. It was great to spend the afternoon with my grandmothers, many of my aunts and cousins, my step-mom and my mom. I've really never been to any other showers (other than one I helped host for a friend) so I wasn't sure what to expect!

We started off with a few games (none of them embarrassing, thank you!!) First we whet our appetites with a game where participants had to fill in the names of 20 different types of cake based on provided clues. mmm, cake...

Next, the guests filled in Bingo cards with their predictions about what gifts would be received that day. On my mom's side of the family no celebration is complete without Bingo (it's an important part of our extended family Christmas tradition, invented as a means to keep 17 grandchildren occupied for several hours once dinner was over and presents had been opened.)

My favorite game was trying to match songs from a list to the guests whose wedding the song was from. My initial strategy was effective, basing my guesses on the era that each song was popular, but after the first few I was stumped ... everyone seemed surprised at the effort I put into getting the right answers, I guess I strive to be an over-achiever even at bridal shower games! lol

We spent some time opening gifts and I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my family and friends. More even than the gifts I appreciate the thoughtfulness of everyone's kind wishes, the support and excitement offered to me and to Bill as we get ready to take the leap into marriage.

Then we dug in to the cake and punch! My aunt and grandmother had collected a stack of antique cake plates, including a special bride plate, which was such a fun and lovely touch. I took the plates home at the end of the day and plan to save them for our next family bridal shower. Sounds like a new tradition in the making!

And finally, a few more family photos.

Me with my grandmothers
(Left is my maternal grandmother, Dorothy;
Right is my paternal grandmother, Mildred)

Me with my step-mom, Deb (on the left) and my mom, Amy (on the right).

Okay, off to finish my thank-you notes! We can't wait to see you all in just 2 weeks.

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