Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another check off the list

I went this morning to get a much-needed haircut at the Aveda salon in my neighborhood, Biz on Fletcher and had an all around fabulous experience. This visit was also a little reconnaissance mission to see if I'd want to have my hair styled here for the wedding day. By half way through my cut I was sold!

I love that this salon is located in the currently-revitalizing historic neighborhood where we live and that the owners are active in the neighborhood association. When I told her I was new to the area my stylist, Miranda, and I had great conversation about the restaurants, nightlight, and other community activities Fletcher Place and Fountain Square have to offer. I am also a total sucker for Aveda products (which could be worse, Aveda is pretty natural and environmentally sound compared to a lot of beauty products) and love the little perks an Aveda salon offers (like a complimentary stress-relieving back/neck/scalp massage before your haircut).

Also, my final concern about scheduling was assuaged when I learned they open at 8 am on Saturdays! Many places don't open until 9, which was stressing me out because we're planning to start photos at 10. Before leaving today I booked my appointment for 8 am, June 13, 2009 (along with another haircut in March, at which point I'll bring a few photos of what I want and set up a hair-trial appointment.) Woo hoo! For some reason this particular issue had been causeing me anxiety so it feels great to have reached a decision.

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ak said...

just catching up on the latest,,,,how come no one comments when you stated, it makes your day??????? hope this did.....anyway, the southern kids asked the "date" just today, guess they don't read the blog....but they blog, just don't understand...