Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Wow. Today we made what we thought would be a quick trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to add items to the registry we set up online ... 3 hours later we emerged, dazed, hungry, and exhausted. Holding that scanner in my hand made me drunk with power! (Though I was a little disappointed that it didn't look like a gun ... I thought it would be a gun.) Completely overwhelming. The whole "this ____ is for the rest of your life!!!" is a lot of pressure to put on a towel/pillowcase/coffee mug/trashcan!

At least our sales associate left us relatively alone ... as we were finishing up we returned to the registry desk and I overheard another clerk lecturing a registering couple. She was talking up the KitchenAid mixer and said "Now, I know you can't imagine using a big mixer for anything now but before you know it you're going to be baking a double batch of cookies for a 3rd grade class and you'll want it!" Um, excuse me? First of all, I can think of plenty of things to use a mixer for now (like baking bread, which I very much enjoy), and second of all, when did our bedroom life become your business? Because that's what someone is really asking when they ask whether or not you're going to have kids ... I'm just sayin.

In any case, we put a lot of thought into our choices and managed to communicate our reasoning to one another fairly well. I'm pretty sure successfully registering together qualifies as some sort of pre-marital counseling so I can check that off the list too! :P

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Registering at Bed Bath and Beyond was miserable for us! They hovered over us and made suggestions the entire time! SO annoying.