Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Checking off the list

Today FH and I met with our caterer to finalize the menu and talk a little about set-up. Really, it was more of a "yeah, we still want what we said we want 4 months ago" meeting, but at least I can check it off my Knot checklist. (It's okay, I only like the Knot ironically. But they do have one of the most all-inclusive planning checklists so that is helpful.)

I also called the cupcake place to find out how much notice they need for an order of 12-13 dozen cupcakes and they said, I kid you not, 1 or 2 days. I love these people! Then I said, well, it's for a Saturday and for a wedding but we don't want any special colors or anything, just your normal flavors. To which they responded, oh, well, then maybe call like 2 weeks in advance. Ha ha! Screw you knot checklist who said I needed to order a cake 2 months ago! I do think we'll place the cupcake order in the next month or so, just to have it done with, but it made my day that they were so laid back. One of the big reasons we went with cupcakes!

Invites will go out at the end of next week, which is causing me no end of distraction. They're all addressed, stamped, and inserted in their envelopes. Paranoia keeps me from sealing them yet, just in case, but aaaahhh! It will be hard, I think, to shove 50 hours of my life into a mailbox and let it go into the world. Sigh.

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