Saturday, March 7, 2009

Less than 100 days ...

Yesterday I realized that it was 99 days until the wedding. That's right, we're in the double-digit countdown. More frighteningly, invitations are scheduled to go out at the end of March ... and it's now March! Holy Moley! I guess it really is time to get on the ball about the final details, like booking a rehearsal dinner, figuring out cake (we're back to the cupcake plan), developing a music playlist, and choosing something for FH to wear.

It helps that it's 70 degrees and sunny here today and that it's my first day off in a couple weeks. My winter wedding malaise is fading away and I'm finally excited about polishing off the to-do list. My real-life malaise (aka, the flu that hit me last weekend) is also fading and, while I'm not up for a brisk jog anytime soon, I did manage to do some puttering around the backyard, preparing our pots for this year's gardening. Okay, enough of this sitting in front of the computer, I'm heading back outside to get me some more spring air!!

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