Monday, March 2, 2009

The Problem With Good Ideas ...

... is that other people come up with them first!

I emailed the nice folks at the Duckpin Bowling place and it turns out that both sets of lanes have already been completely booked for private parties on June 12. Apparently people book the place up to one year in advance. Since the Fountain Square Theatre right next door hosts a lot of weddings I wouldn't doubt that some other lucky folks came up with the duckpin rehearsal dinner idea long before us. D'oh!

In other unpleasantness, I have some sort of horrible cold/flu/infection that has had me on the couch with a 102+ fever the last two days. Which is really unfortunate since it's tech for the biggest show of the year (so work is very, very busy.) Sigh. Sometimes life just tells you to sit down and take a break, whether or not you want to!

So it's back to the rehearsal dinner drawing board. I think it's likely we'll still look down in Fountain Square. It's such a fun, funky neighborhood with lots of little, local restaurants. Plus, I think we can get a lot more for our money by moving out of downtown.


Anonymous said...

Boo!! I was SO looking forward to duckpin bowling!

BTW, I got my dress.

Anonymous said...

One can always kick up one's heels?!

Jen said...

Anon #1, which formerly dress shopping person are you? :)

We are bummed about the bowling too. And standard bowling just doesn't have the same kitsch value!