Monday, March 9, 2009

A Day Off

Since I had a couple personal days to use I decided to play hooky from work today!

I spent a good chunk of time this weekend working on invitations and earlier this afternoon I headed over to the good ole post office to have one of them weighed. Fortunately they do, indeed, come in under one ounce, which means they only need one first-class stamp. Hooray!

Also, I had the nice postal man check out one of the RSVP postcards, just to be sure it will go through on it's own (instead of needing an envelope) and he declared it A-okay. I wanted to play it safe, however, so I put one in the mail to see if it arrives.

While I was at the post office I picked up stamps for the invitation envelopes. FH and I pondered our stamp possibilities over the weekend. We considered the ubiquitous "wedding hearts" or the other heart stamp but hearts just aren't our thing. We also thought about "Celebrate", which seemed quite appropriate. In the end we settled on Sunflowers, which look great with the chocolate brown envelopes. You know your wedding is eating your brain when things like "which stamp should we use?" become the subject of deep thought and conversation...

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Lilly said...

Ummm.... Wedding Brains..... there has to be a zombie movie in there somewhere!