Saturday, March 14, 2009

Operation Green Thumb Begins

Well, spring is nearly sprung here in the mid-west and I took advantage of the sunshine and moderate temps today to do a little gardening. FH and I hit the nearest Lowe's earlier in the week to pick up some seed starting mix, potting soil and calla lily bulbs ... and since we were there anyway I also grabbed some anemones, sweet peas, and snapdragons. Oh, and a packet of "Cutting Mix" seeds. I'd ordered some ranunculus bulbs earlier in the year as well.

While I will be happy if these flowers simply grow at all, I harbor secret hopes that I will be able to use them for the wedding. This being a grand experiment of sorts, I've started two of the callas indoors and have one more to start in a few week; I potted up 4 of the 20 ranunculus outdoors since they like cool weather to start, and will probably start a few more every two weeks for the next 6-8 weeks; I started half the sweet peas and snapdragons indoors and sowed the other half outside; the anemones should be good to go outside so I threw a few in a pot and used the rest to make borders around a few little beds that are already in the yard. Chances are the anemones will bloom too early but they should be pretty and I could use more practice arranging anyway, right?

Don't worry, I know that it's a gamble to count on using flowers I've grown for the wedding and I won't be devastated if it doesn't work out, however, it would be so delightful if all I had to do was pick up a few dozen white roses to fill out lovely backyard bouquets!

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