Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DIY Flowers Trial #1

So, I stopped by the local farmers market today and picked up these:

A whole buncha flowers. 80 stems, to be precise. Armed with a sharp knife, floral tape, floral wire, and a bit of ribbon, I was ready for the first trial run of DIY flowers.

I started with a boutonniere, which was quite simple. FH was kind enough to model it for us in a jacket. (FH is blog speak for future husband ... omg, I just said husband! eek!)

Next I whipped up a corsage. Both of these were quite simple. I now have 100% confidence in my ability to turn out the bouts and corsages for the wedding (all 13 of them! eek again!)

Below is a nice shot of the two together (pinned to a pillow.)

Then I moved on to a bouquet, by far the most difficult of all. Which was not what I expected. In any case, here are the results:

And then, just for fun, I put some of the leftovers into a little arrangement. Yes, that is a 2-buck Chuck bottle. I "heart" Trader Joes!

I definitely learned a few things from this little experiment, like get more leafy and broad fillers and greens, less spiky greens (at least for bouquets and such.) These pieces are actually a little more "wild" looking than we are going for (though we still want a very natural look.) Maybe a little more brightness, some different flower choices. Obviously what I bought today is not what will be in season next June, but this first attempt was really about putting colors together and trying out techniques. All in all I am satisfied. (Though I don't plan to quit my day job.) Hooray!

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Wow, you never cease to impress me!