Sunday, August 3, 2008

Spolight Interview: Michelle

As promised, here is the first in our spotlight interview series. Michelle has graciously agreed to go first (so pay attention, cause I'll be emailing the rest of you soon to ask these same questions!)

Name: Michelle

Role/Relationship: Maid of Honor; Jen's (amazingly cool AND younger) sister

Location: Los Angeles, California

Profession: Operations coordinator for a stock photography agency, freelance photographer, and manager/server at a hip little Vietnamese restaurant

What Michelle has to say:
I thrive on being busy and active, I get bored way too easily! I am constantly listening to music and I like to imagine what songs would be playing in the background if my life were a movie. I love to sing but refuse to do so in front of anyone. I talk to myself - a lot. Photography is a passion of mine and I am always looking for the perfect shot. I very recently started a blog in which my goal is to post a new picture taken by me every single day. I enjoy making things and consider myself "crafty". I read way too many magazines. I like to run and ran my first marathon last year in
San Francisco. Oh and I make killer guacamole!

What Jen has to say: My favorite childhood memory of my sister and I is of listening to my parents' Herb Alpert record. We had this sort of "dance" we would do to Zorba the Greek ... the song has this section that starts really slow and gets faster so we would start by walking in a circle really slow, then we would walk faster, and faster, and then run in a circle as fast as we could ... every time this drum accent hit we would jump up in the air and pretend we were jumping over snakes!

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