Monday, August 11, 2008

Spotlight Interview: Janelle

And now, for the second installment of our Spotlight Interview Series!

Name: Janelle

Role/Relationship: Bridesmaid;
Jen's Childhood Friend Extraordinaire

Location: Buffalo, NY

Profession: Social Services

What Janelle has to say: I grew up in Central Illinois with Jen, and like Jen, I moved away. I've lived in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and now Buffalo. I like moving to new cities and starting all over fresh in a new place. I like the experiences I've had in each city. In Philadelphia, I fell in love with the big city life, going to the New Jersey shore and my husband. In Pittsburgh, I married my husband and I really moved my career forward. In Buffalo, I bought my first house and learned to snow ski. I'm really proud that even though I'm an introvert, I've pushed myself to try new things...moving to a big city by myself, going to grad school, traveling/hiking on my own, and spending three weeks in Vietnam. As a result, I've learned that I love hiking/camping and traveling in the country and overseas. As a couple, my husband and I also try to push ourselves out of our comfort zone to help other people. Right now, we are sharing our home with a woman and her son who needed to move out of their home in an emergency situation. I was nervous, but it's been a lot of fun.

What Jen has to say: Janelle and I shared so many things growing up: junior high basketball and track, the freshmen cross country team, high school marching band (go Marching Ironmen!) ... we even had matching cars! (To be fair, my was a Ford Crown Victoria and hers was a Mercury Grand Marquis, but they were virtually identical!). One of our favorite past times, second to watching X-files of course, was getting together a group of friends to play Toys-R-Us tag. True to its' name, Toys-R-Us tag involved playing tag inside a Toys-R-Us. Experience taught us that one can play Toy-R-Us tag for about 45 minutes before getting kicked out of the store. I am so glad Janelle will be part of our wedding and can't wait to see what the next 17 years of our friendship will bring!

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Drew said...

Where's my photo credit!?

For the record. Janelle doesn't like every new thing she tries. The lobster pictured with her was the last one she will ever eat.