Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fragrant Florals

What what? A two post weekend? Well, I had so much fun with yesterday's attendants' dress post that I put together a little floral inspiration board to go with it!

Since I'm doing the floral arrangements myself our actual flowers will depend somewhat on what is in season here and readily available. I'm planning to do a combo of flowers from a farmer's market vendor and Trader Joes/Costco (because really, who can refuse 2 dozen roses for $15??)

Also, I have the crazy thought that I will try to grow some of the flowers I will use ... yeah, it's a crapshoot, but I figure if they grow, great, we'll have pretty flowers; if they grow at the right time, even better! I already planted some tulip bulbs, which will likely bloom way too early (but if it's a very cold spring I'm all set) and hope to start some rannunculus in the spring (that would be those purple flowers on the far left, middle row of the board.) And maybe, just maybe, I'll attempt to grow some calla lillies. I mean, one bulb is like $6-$8 but it grows a plant of 30 stems (which would run over $100 to buy). I like them odds!

On the bottom row of the board you can see some pomanders. I think they'd make an excellent decoration and provide a way to define the ceremony space on the rather vast IRT stage. While I'm planning fresh flowers for all the other arrangements the pomanders will definitely be silk ... see, I do have boundaries and occasionally know when to say no.

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