Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lovely Ladies

I was tinkering around online this morning and decided to make a little bridesmaids' inspiration board. Now, my three attendants are all very different from one another in body type, skin tone, and personality. I love them all dearly and have no wish to see them suffer so, after talking with each of them about their likes and dislikes, we selected a color for each of them and each one will choose their own dress in that color.

Since there's no need to match one another exactly they have a lot of options for choosing a dress. And, since we're going with knee length-tea length there's not even a real need to shop for a traditional "bridesmaid" dress. For example, most of the photos on the board above came from Nordstroms or J. Crew. I know it is so cliche to say but I really do hope they will each choose something they will enjoy wearing again. (And if they choose something they won't wear again it won't be my fault! tee hee)

Ah, Saturday morning vicarious shopping ... good times.


Michelle said...

Where is the brown one in the bottom left corner from?! I love that one!!! Reminds me of Dirty Dancing and I have always loved that dress :) I bet it won't be in my color though :(

Jen said...

J Crew. All the ones on dressmaker forms in the photos are from there. Maybe it comes in persimmon??

The other brown and purple ones are from Nordstroms, and the 2 cinnamon are from David's Bridal ... you picked the hardest color, I think!

Anonymous said...

You have good taste, so I should probably just let you pick out my dress, lol.