Saturday, November 8, 2008

I could just SPIT!

Apparently my hard drive has crashed. After a couple of hours on the phone with some very nice young Indian men from Dell (like, in India, not Native Amerians) they are sending me a new hard drive. My laptop is still under warranty so there's no charge.


It is highly likely that everything saved on my hard drive is gone (or at least permanently inaccessible). My guest list with addresses- GONE. My wedding budget spreadsheet- GONE. The invitations I painstakingly spent hours designing- GONE. All our Microsoft Money records and household budget info- GONE. Years worth of photos of family and friends- GONE GONE GONE!

Might it have been a good idea to back up even one small bit of this data somewhere? Since you asked, yes. Why didn't I ever do this? Because I AM AN IDIOT!!!! ARRRRGH!

Okay, I'm better now. Cheery wedding posts will resume post-haste.


Michelle said...

Ugh, this really sucks, I am so sorry!
No one is ever good about backing up their files, until something like this happens...

Bridechka said...

Sorry that really sucks! My hard drive crashed last week and I lost everything (none of which had been backed up) so I definitely feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

so sorry here, too! ---a lesson to us all, no doubt--- even a flash drive is better than nothing---i'm backing up soon----- uh huh!