Saturday, November 15, 2008

A new name?

No, this won't be a blog post debating the merits of changing my name when FH and I are married. Rather, it's about our wedding blog name.

I've been reading many, many, many other wedding blogs these days and have developed an inferiority complex. Our blog name is just totally lame! I am determined to come up with something cooler (because we are just such cool people, you know ... ha ha ha.)

What will to be? Some sort of word play on our names? Something that ties in to the DIY heavy content? If you've got a suggestion leave a comment!

Edited to add: Ooh, ooh ... how about "Bill and Jen's Excellent Wedding Adventure"! Anyone? anyone?


Anonymous said...

how 'bout

OH! to be Wed----- that is

OwenHarmon----- get it?

uh--- not so much?


Anonymous said...

i htought of th eoh too but how about ho ho ho!!!!